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So I've been seeing a lot of work out videos on Instagram and then on Facebook I've linked myself onto the page 'Let's Cook African in Europe'. So there I am thinking what is the best way to go about my quarantine day. I guess I'll say cook cook and cook and maybe dial into a work out video here and there from my sofa. I mean there's a lot fo home made food to be created.

But now, I wanted to take it a little further and maybe cook or create dishes that I have memories off.

Let's start off with an easy one. Biltong !
In other places this is known as beef jerky... but I find the Beef jerky to be more on the softer side, less chewy so less of a work out on the jaw. 
Very commonly eaten in Southern Africa as a snack, this dried meat stacks in flavour.

Disclaimer :This is not an expert version, this is just how our house hold took on making Biltong. You can create your own flavours with whatever spices you have in the cupboard. 

Chilli Flakes or Fresh Chilli
Black Pepper
Everyday Seasoning 
Mixed Spice
Silver Side Steak/Beef Medallion Steak

Other useful items
Chopping board
Pedstal and Motor 
Tooth Picks
Oven rack

Step 1
Get the steak and chop it into desired size strips.Size determines how long to keep in the oven. 

Note: Some steaks are thin therefore, don't cut them too thin since beef does shrink.

Step 2
Marinate with flavour. Here you can divide the batch into two or three if you want different spice levels. Peppercorns and fresh chilli will need to be crushed.

Note: For those that can take chilli, this should be the main spice in packed into the meat.

Step 3
After mixing everything together, let the flavour sink in for about an hour. Once that is done, you can 
Note : You can let it sink in for longer but the drying part does it for your.

Step 4
Into the oven they go on the lowest temperature. 50 degrees Celsius works perfectly for an electric oven. Fan ovens may need a lower temperature. Use the tooth picks to hang the meat in the oven. You can spread them out, but remember it shrinks. 

Note: Toothpicks are wooden so the electric oven does not burn them. Although if using a gas oven or fan you might need an alternative just not plastic.

Step 5
Let it dry in the heat over night or if strips are thin, 5 hours will work. In the morning switch off the oven and let them sit through the day.

Note: letting them sit is optional, you can eat them straight away if you can't wait any longer.

Step 6 
They are done so snack awake. This is flavoursome written all over.

Hopefully you enjoyed this first idea of what to make at home. You can add some suggestions in the comment section. 

If you liked this post why not come shopping with me for some of these ingredients in a Mbare Musika market here.

See you again soon !

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