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It's been a while since I touched base with the ZimDanceHall centre and if anything Zim music in general. Occasionally I'll have my odd dips in here and there with Jah Prayzah, Tamy Moyo and Ammara Brown. But now there's been a reminder why I need to go back. Yes, of course, South African music has taken over my playlist section but I'm being diverted back. Of course, this is the playlist of the week and we can't miss out on any trending songs. Welcome to Meet Me Down South.

Listen Up Right Now

These are a must for this week. If you haven't already listened to these songs, then you're lucky they are being mentioned here. Quickly before you get questioned.

My Melody Nox ft Master KG

Nomcebo Xola Moyo Wam' ft Master KG

Sbahle Emlanjeni

Nasty C SMA ft Rowlene

Elaine You're The One 

Shocker Of The Week

If there's one thing about the continent of Africa, no matter what country you visit, music will be a highlight. Considering we looking at Southern Africa in the country of Angola music is a language too and C4Pedro has made it a love language. Dabelling into his music a few times, there's a chance C4 Pedro will be hitting the airwaves soon. I mean, I'm consistently getting notifications as of late via Instagram of him doing up the InstaLive route. Though I may not understand Portuguese as most of his songs are sung in, at least the beat is my understanding ground. If you're into the reggaeton sound or know about Kizomba anything with that vibe, C4Pedro is your man. Try and start with Vamos Ficar Por Aqui.

Going Back

This week we go back to the song Shebeleza by Okongo Mame. It's got that vibe that many of our parents would love and of course take them back on their journeys. You see songs that make us think of good memories are the songs to live by. We here for it and even I would be taking this on board with a few songs I've been replaying on my little adventures. 

Album Of The Week

Nasty C with Zulu Man With Some Power 
Collaborating with some international voices like Ari Lenox and T.I, it gives a balance to his album that I'm sure you'll enjoy. This album will be one I'll mention a few times including favourites of mine. But for now this is a chance for you to know the artist.

Music Video Of The Week

Visuals are just as important and can really win or break a song. Props to all the directors, stylists, camera operators and the rest of the production team. Your skills can really seem so effortless. DJ Khalid Popstar ft Drake and Justin Bieber in the music video... Just kidding, but that song and music video has been on repeat. But let's fly back to our home towns.

Okay, its simple, and maybe a little bias, but we have to say this week Unonzani is the music to watch. It doesn't have many tricky shots going on or fancy colours but it's simple and I'm sure there's a part that you'll press rewind on. Trust me on this one. Jah Master seems to be making waves recently within the Zim community and introducing Anita Jaxon into his journey.
It's a music video that has YouTubers reacting to it, listeners replaying the song and sharing the song on all social platforms. 

Artist To Look Out For:

Saving the best till last, yes, I mentioned her name before. Anita Jaxon. Weaving her way into the ZimDanceHall scene she has collaborated with other Zimbabwean dance hall artists.
Already with a trending song Unozani, featuring Jah Master, Miss Jaxon is growing her fan base. If this song isn't enough, listen to Fire featuring Poptain. Making you rethink your music choices and head back to what you know.

That's the round-up this week. Let me know if any of these tunes have been playing lately in your ears as much as they have to me.

Join me next week to see if some songs have stayed or maybe some new faces have made the list. I'm going to really listen to Cassper Nyvoests new album A.M.N.

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